Booking Calendar

Instructions for using

the Booking Calendar:


Requests for reservations are made by submitting requests to the facility scheduler, using the Room Scheduler to the right.  Your reservation will be confirmed within 8 hours, and the Booking Calendar will be updated to reflect your reservation.  If you desire an immediate confirmation, please indicate this in the 'Reason for Use' Narrative, prior to clicking 'Submit'.


Step 1:  Required : enter your Account Name: The name registered with GreatSpace

Step 2:  Optionally enter an Email and/or Phone # for follow-up purposes

Step 3:  Required : enter Date of requested service

Step 4:  Required : enter Start Time of the requested usage

Step 5:  Required : enter the End Time of the requested usage

( Must be in 1 hour increments.  Time overruns will be rounded to the next full hour.)

Step 6:  Required : indicate Area to Reserve

Step 7:  Optionally enter your reason for use.  Also state whether you req call back confirmation


Click Submit